Texas Jackpot (ET) Yellow Roan of Texas (USA)(IS) Peptoboonsmal (USA)(IS) Peppy San Badger
Royal Blue Boon
Docs Steady Date Doc Bar
Steady Date
Scarlett O Roc Son of a Roc Roc O Lena (IMP)
Docs Misty Morn (IMP)
Yulgilbar Brandy Snap Docs Freckle Oak (IMP)
Clover Gingersnap

Texas Jackpot (ET)

16/10/2012 Q-77515
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TRIPLE R Rey Posado Gold (IMP) Master Jay (IMP) Colonel Freckles
Missy Jay
Peppys Miss Priss Peppy San Badger
Tamu Maggie Gold
Ruby Red Rocade Son of a Roc Roc O Lena (IMP)
Docs Misty Morn (IMP)
SDM Sweet Adeline KR Mystic Cruiser
Little Doc Ade


06/10/2012 Q-77511
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DUAL FRECKLE Dually Pep (IMP) Peppy San Badger Mr San Peppy
Sugar Badger
Miss Dual Doc Docs Remedy
Miss Brooks Bar
Freckles Fancy Miss Freckles Playboy Freckles Jay Jay (IMP)
Sweet Gritch (IMP)
Stanton Stud Val Boon Boon Luck (IMP)
Valentine Stud Miss Valentine (FM)


30/10/2011 A3-642
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